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March 30-31, 2023

6th Edition Efficient Mining Operations Summit 2023

4-5 May 2023
Barcelona, Spain

3rd Mining 4.0: Roadmap For The Future 2023

June 1-2, 2023
Denver, USA

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The Role of Metals in the Green Energy Revolution

Decarbonization isn’t just about removing certain kinds of fuels, engines, and vehicles. It’s also an additive process, as many industries will switch to electric and other green alternatives. The bottom line is that the world is going to need exponentially more eclectic infrastructure, batteries, and other devices. The primary source of raw materials will be the mining industry, as manufacturers will need copper, lithium, and others to actually make the devices that will, literally, power the Green Energy Revolution.

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The Rise of Responsible Mining Practices: ESG in Mining

The principles of good ESG are not new and not unique to the mining industry. But most industries also don’t come under the same scrutiny as mining. After all, from vehicle emissions to environmental disruption, mining does leave quite a literal impression on the landscape and communities near it. As a result, the industry needs to think about how it can be more sustainable and build better connections with the communities and governments it works with. It is also useful to take a look at some existing ESG initiatives practiced in the industry to see what can be expanded and improved.

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Community mining

The Importance of Community Engagement in Mining Projects

Mining projects often face opposition from communities that live in or near mining sites due to concerns about environmental dangers and other effects the site might have on their community. To mitigate these often valid concerns, mining companies need to engage with local communities to build trust, establish meaningful, reciprocity relationships, and ensure that mining projects are built and operated in a responsible and sustainable manner.

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Mining in Developing Countries: Challenges and Opportunities

Mines exist where there are metals and minerals, this is a simple truth. So it’s no surprise that there are mining operations all over the globe, including in developing countries. In fact, the developing world actually has the majority of certain mineral and metal reserves globally. Take lithium, for example. Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile alone hold around 60% of the world’s reserves. This metal will be important later. In general, the developing world has a lot to gain from extracting these valuable metals, but there are a series of unique challenges ahead. So what are the challenges of future mining in the developing world, and do they counteract the opportunities?

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women in mining

Women in the Mining Industry: Breaking the Gender Barrier

Mining has a reputation for being a boys club, a reputation it, unfortunately, has done very little to prevent. Women are underrepresented in all areas of the industry and consist of roughly 10% of the global mining workforce. As of writing this text, there are no female mining CEOs. As the industry goes forward, it needs to adapt to the future. Some studies show that diverse workplaces are more efficient and innovative. The ‘boys club’ reputation might also drive away skilled, female specialists who could have many positive contributions to a company.

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Covid 19 effect on mining

How Covid 19 affected the mining industry

The global pandemic that started in 2020 (or 2019, technically) has left its scars on the worldwide economy. While the 2022 war in Ukraine is the focus of a lot of current research, it’s worth exploring exactly how the pandemic affected the dynamics and operations of mining companies around the world. There are some lasting effects, from the ‘aftershocks’ of price fluctuations to more unpredictable demand and disrupted supply chains. While Covid 19 might be an anomaly and not likely to repeat itself, it’s impossible to predict the future and companies would be wise to have some plans in place should a similar disruption strike again.

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Hein Hiestermann, Director of Business Development - Mining Metals Cement
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Energy Transition and Emission Reduction Forum 2022

Alex Richards, VP - Mining, Minerals & Metals at Schneider Electric about #ETERF2022 Forum

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Stockholm, Sweden
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