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Coal in 2023

Five things you should know about coal in 2023

Since the 18th century, coal has had a vital role in industrial production, energy, and heating. Even today, this fossil fuel is responsible for the majority of Asia’s energy production, led by China and India. Yet, as a fossil fuel, it is becoming increasingly regulated and costly to use. GHG emission regulations are ramping up globally and it seems that coal lacks any long-term perspectives. Despite this, demand and prices have been on their way up since 2021. So what is the future of coal in 2023?

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Clean energy

How can miners support the clean energy transition?

The world is seeing a unified push to discard fossil fuel power in exchange for sustainable energy. Electric cars, hydrogen-cell ships, and solar power are all examples of technology and innovations prompted by this revolution. As the world transitions to electric vehicles, the demand for metals and minerals is set to skyrocket.

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