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Lithium battery

What a massive new lithium refinery in Texas might mean for electrification?

While a simple search for electrification content will bring up hundreds of sleek photos of vehicles, futuristic cityscapes, and gadgets, the truth of the matter is that all this infrastructure still needs to be built. And to do that, metals and minerals need to be dug up and refined. Despite the pressure placed upon it, the mining and metals industry will be a vital part of the process of electrification. A new facility in Texas is just one such indicator.

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The upcoming 3rd Energy Transition Conference in Stockholm, Sweden

Future Bridge is proud to announce its third iteration of the summit for the Energy Transition and Emission Reduction for the Metals and Mining Industry. The event is designed to bring together key decision-makers and industry experts to scale up sustainability, decarbonize existing operations and keep the industry growing. Mining and metals will be vital to the world’s electrification efforts, so leaders need to ensure the future growth of the industry.

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Technology and Sustainability for Decarbonization in Mining

The way operations are conducted will have to change. The mining industry has got to evolve and embrace new technologies and practices that minimize its environmental impact. In this post, we will explore the future of mining and the advancements in technology and sustainability that are driving this change. Technology has a long history of making the mining industry better across all fields, from efficiency and productivity to safety. So let’s look over some of the more relevant technological improvements.

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smart dust

How Smart Manufacturing can lower dust pollution levels

While most discussions of pollution focus on CO2 emissions or very clear run-offs of chemicals, most operations create a number of other outputs that can be considered harmful. Light, noise, and even dust, for example. Transportation, logistics, mining, and other industries tend to generate a lot of dust during operations that spread to nearby areas. So how can the technologies of the 21st century, like smart manufacturing, help?

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The Challenges of Mine Site Rehabilitation and Closure

The push to decarbonize brings a number of pressures to bear on the mining industry. The logistical cost of extraction and transportation already exceeds the emissions of some entire industries, but mines take other tolls on the environment. Even when a mine closes, steps must be taken to ensure that the area is not ruined or contaminated. It’s vital that industry leaders learn the best methods and technologies that help rehabilitate mine sites upon closure.

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The Future of Exploration: Trends and Technologies for Mining

Exploration has always been an essential part of mining. Metals and minerals have to be located before they can be extracted, a process that is time-consuming and difficult, as these things tend to be hidden underground. With the increasing demand for natural resources, exploration has become even more critical for mining companies to keep up with demand. So the industry needs to learn about modern technologies that can help during the exploration stage.

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