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Fortum Joins As Bronze Sponsor For 5th Energy Transition And Emission Reduction Summit

Fortum Joins As Bronze Sponsor For 5th Energy Transition And Emission Reduction Summit

The global transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon future is a monumental undertaking. Collaboration between all sectors including the mining and metals industries is necessary to achieve this. Fortum, one of the top energy providers in Europe, is actively spearheading this important change. The organization has joined the 5th Energy Transition and Emission Reduction Summit as a bronze sponsor. Furthermore, they are dedicated to environmental stewardship and their search for creative solutions. The purpose of this summit is to promote discussion, exchange best practices, and spark concrete steps in the direction of sustainability. In this article, we will dive deeper into the organization and details about the summit.

About Fortum

As a Nordic energy provider, Fortum has established a reputation for being a trailblazer in pursuing a thriving and sustainable global community. Furthermore, the organization exhibits a deep understanding of how to properly strike a balance between the needs of the general public, business success, environmental protection, and individual welfare. So, they have aligned their strategies so that all these elements can co-exist. The company’s strategic initiatives reflect its consistent commitment to emission reduction and decarbonization. It includes pushing industrial decarbonization and delivering renewable energy with dependability. It also entails changing its business strategy so that it is consistent with a sustainable future.

The portfolio of Fortum is based on world-class nuclear and hydropower-generating activities. It is combined with a strong CO2-free energy source and proficiency in energy market optimization. It provides services for both individual and business clients. These advantages put the business in a leading position in the industry for providing dependable, clean energy at a large scale. This is all the while endeavoring to modernize and reduce carbon emissions from activities that still produce emissions.

Fortum’s Session At The 5th Energy Transition and Emission Reduction Summit

The company has taken its efforts forward with a session at the summit. Urs PENNANEN, Senior Vice President of Corporate Customers at Fortum will be taking it on “CiDRA Path As Solution Provider for Minerals Processing Industry”. Furthermore, this session will delve into some innovative solutions and technologies. These are the ones that can significantly improve production efficiency and reduce environmental impact in the minerals processing sector. It includes:

  • Clamp-on, passive, and maintenance-free SONAR flow monitoring technology. It enhances production rate controls and increases process uptime.

  • CYCLONEtrac PST, a real-time particle size tracking system for single cyclones. It enables optimized grinding and controlled trade-offs between throughput and recovery. As a result, it maximizes net metal production.

  • P29 separation process technology. It enables grinding to larger particle sizes. As a result, it increases the throughput of existing grinding circuits by over 40%. It also dramatically improves the throughput and economics of existing mine sites without the need for costly new grinding lines.

  • Energy-efficient process solutions for greenfield new concentrators. It fosters sustainable and also environmentally conscious practices from the outset.

By presenting these cutting-edge technologies, Fortum hopes to provide participants with doable strategies. This is to boost productivity, cut down on energy use, and also lessen environmental effects. 

Now let’s move ahead and take a look at what the summit is about.

The 5th Energy Transition and Emission Reduction Summit 

The 5th Energy Transition and Emission Reduction Summit for the Metals and Mining Industry is an important event. It brings together experts, policymakers, and business leaders to discuss the topics of decarbonization/ emissions reduction in the metals and mining industry. The conference will provide a forum to conduct informative sessions, case studies, and panel discussions. Moreover, the event is all set to take place on 11-12 June 2024 in Helsinki. Finland. Promoting sustainable practices across sectors stands to be the vision of the summit.

The summit will cover a wide range of sessions or discussions. This includes:

  • Industrial batteries and energy storage, 
  • Renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs), 
  • Charging infrastructure, 
  • Biodiversity, ESG considerations,
  • The use of alternative fuels like hydrogen and more.

So, attendees will get insightful knowledge and best practices from professionals in the field throughout these sessions. Furthermore, it will provide them the ability to effectively navigate the difficulties associated with decarbonization and emission reduction.

Leaders or specialists in the field will gather at the summit. Together, they will guarantee a lucrative and sustainable future for the mining and metals industries. Additionally, it will offer unrivaled networking chances to stay profitable and ahead of the curve. 

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To Sum Up

The 5th Energy Transition and Emission Reduction Summit is a key catalyst for the revolutionary change needed in the world. The summit is essential in guiding us towards a sustainable future given the pressing need to combat climate change. Fortum, a Bronze Sponsor, is a prime example of commitment to decarbonization and emission reduction in the mining industry. This dedication is a prime example of the cooperation needed to build a prosperous society. This is one where the environment, people, and enterprises all flourish together.

By registering for the summit today, you can join experts, leaders, and like-minded people in the industry to define a future for the mining and metals sector that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Together, we can build an environmentally friendly, low-carbon, and resource-efficient industrial environment.