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Pre-Conference Podcast with Elen Toodu, Director, Global Automation Product Line, and Projects at Sandvik

Elen Toodu works for Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions, known for offering world-class equipment for underground mining and surface drilling rigs. Elen is a part of the digital mining technologies division, focusing on digitalization and automation. She is a Director of Sandvik’s Product Lines and Project Office, developing products and delivering projects worldwide.

Elen Toodu’s Presentation at the Mining 4.0 Summit

Elen Toodu’s presentation at the Mining 4.0 Summit will overview the ways Sandvik, the world’s leader in underground automation, perceives the contemporary mining market. Toodu shared with podcast listeners that her speech will offer a glimpse of automation’s future. Elen stated that Sandvik uses more than 700 automated loaders and trucks; hence, the company has a lot of practical experience in carrying out successful automation projects, which is going to be the focus of Elen’s insightful presentation.

Challenges in Automation within the Mining Industry

During the podcast, Elen encouraged listeners to attend her upcoming presentation to get the full picture of the industry’s challenges. Toodu stated that Sanvik already has the necessary technology and systems to deal with potential challenges when it comes to automation. However, one of the central obstacles that every organization has to overcome is the people factor in innovation. “For that, I hope to give you some tips on what to focus on when you’re just getting started with the technology implementations,” said Elen.

If you want to learn more about key factors for a successful mining automation project — you do not want to miss Elen Toodu’s presentation at Mining 4.0 Summit that will take place this November in Barcelona, Spain.