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Recap and Insights from the 3RD MINING 4.0

Recap and Insights from the 3RD MINING 4.0

In a dynamic convergence of minds, the 3rd Mining 4.0 Summit unfolded on November 9-10, 2023 in Spain, Barcelona, welcomed a diverse assembly. It boasted 100 participants. It included over 30 industry leaders and fostered collaborative dialogues across seven networking sessions. With an expansive agenda, the summit delved into the forefront of mining’s future. So, it covered a spectrum of topics from digitalization integration to safety innovations and sustainable practices. 

As we navigate the insights unveiled during this transformative event, this article encapsulates the essence of discussions. It also provides a glimpse into the multifaceted strides and strategic directions. These directions emerged from the collective vision of industry trailblazers. So, let’s dive in:

3rd Mining 4.0 Summit: What did the speakers cover?

In this section, we go through the areas covered by each speaker. Furthermore, it shows the kind of specific topics that were covered in depth leading to incredible value for the attendees in the 3rd Mining 4.0 summit:

Heather EDNIE, CEO of Global Mining Guidelines Group

Ms. Ednie presented “Stop the INSANITY – Evolving to Create Tomorrow’s Mines.” This talk covered practical guidance on how the mining industry can progress toward more sustainable, efficient, and safer operations. This is through new technologies and collaboration across companies. Moreover, as an influential industry organization, her group aims to spearhead these transformation initiatives in modern mining.

Bernardo Marinho and Sunny Schoone, head of global sales and Product & Sales Manager of Innomotics

Both experts spoke about the practical applications of digital twins and AI in mining operations. They dived into some relevant challenges in adopting new technologies in mining. Furthermore, they highlighted the typical use cases for AI and simulation in different process steps. They also showed global reference cases and relevant results in the 3rd Mining 4.0 summit.

Sohail Nazari, global VP of digital transformation of Andritz

Dr. Nazari presented the “Roadmap to autonomous operation.” He leverages extensive industry expertise spearheading automation and unmanned production projects. His presentation involved a strategic overview and recommendations for mines. This was effective for ones looking to progressively introduce driverless electric haul trucks, AI-enabled analytics software, assisted control solutions, and fully unmanned systems in modern mining.

Christopher Barriteau, co-founder and CFO of Tresor Gold

Christopher Barriteau’s session in the 3rd Mining 4.0 summit covered “Demystifying the Challenges of Scaling a Successful Junior Mining Venture in Frontier Africa.” As co-founder of Tresor Gold, he provided firsthand perspective on financing hurdles for junior miners and smaller independent companies. 

He discussed misperceptions from mainstream investors around mining risks. He also called for better alignment with long-term sustainable development incentives.

Isabel MANRIQUE ALONSO and litza TERZOVA, global mining manager and global sector manager mining Shell Lubricants

The experts covered “Achieving more with less: Technical and digital collaborations as enabler for operational efficiency and sustainability”. They discussed the role of mining sector in enabling decarbonization across the industry. Furthermore, they reflected the paradigm of achieving more output with fewer resources. 

So, they focused on Efficiency improvements as the foundation for productivity and sustainability. Moreover, they showed how digitization acts as an enabler and how collaboration plays a big part in the transition in the 3rd Mining 4.0 summit. 

Dr. Masoud Soleymani SHISHVAN, assistant professor resource engineering, G&E, CEG of TU Delft 

Dr. Shishvan discussed his research on “Smart Mining and Ultimate Development Path for a Digital Mine.” This involves an AI and automation-enabled integrated platform. It is tailored to transform mining operations by enhancing safety, sustainability, productivity, and profitability. Moreover, the presented prototype showed the leverage of real-time data, digital twins, and adaptive optimizations.

Sergei MISHIN and Ebru YILDIZ, sales director of OEM Europe and sales manager, measurement solutions Europe of Emerson

Speakers emphasized the crucial role of pervasive sensing in mining. They highlighted its significance in achieving efficient, unmanned production. Furthermore, they stressed the need for reliable measurement and control equipment. As a result, they asserted that digitalization is key to industry-leading performance. 

So, through proper implementation, pervasive sensing, control systems, and software enhance throughput, cut costs, predict failures, and prevent downtime. Additionally, Emerson’s collaboration with mining firms aims to achieve top-quartile performance through these technologies

David OSBORN, managing director, South Africa of Dassault Systèmes

The speaker discussed the transformation of mining data into intelligence in the 3rd Mining 4.0 summit. He emphasized the wealth of available geoscientific, asset, and operational data. He also highlighted the pivotal role of effective data analysis with appropriate tools. This is in unlocking valuable insights and enhancing decision-making. 

The challenges faced by geoscientists in trend identification without proper analytical tools were underscored. He further emphasized the importance of addressing data challenges, leveraging cloud technology in mining, simulating data flow, and utilizing software tools for optimized resource allocation.

Francis STEWART, director of innovation of Dundee Precious Metals Inc. 

The speaker emphasized “Intelligent Mining Through Innovation”. He advocated for a culture of innovation. Furthermore, the speaker outlined a roadmap for the Intelligent Mine, stressing alignment with the company’s purpose, pillars, and values. 

Additionally, the importance of an innovation ecosystem and collaborative efforts were highlighted. This is to drive progress in mining practices.

Louis THIERY, product development engineer of TotalEnergies Lubrifiants 

In “What can fluids bring to the electrification of Mining’s talk tomorrow,” the speaker highlighted immersion cooling’s role in enhancing battery safety across cell types. The approach offers opportunities to cut costs, reduce system weight, and enhance durability. 

As a result, it leads to lighter, more affordable batteries with simplified designs. Additionally, the technology enables ultra-fast charging, presenting a promising advancement for mining electrification.

Jyrki SALMI, director of research, digitalisation and automation of Mining University of Oulu

The speaker discussed Tools for Mining Information Modeling, emphasizing MineBIM’s role in the 3rd Mining 4.0 summit. MineBIM integrates high-quality 3D models and semantic data. As a result, it enhances mining safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Moreover, through object-oriented programming, it connects graphical and non-graphical information. 

The technology leverages 3D information models to link data points to surfaces, solids, and voids. As a result, it showcases its fundamentals and practical applications in mining operations.

Michael MARSDEN, vice president business development & technology HyPower Salton Sea 

The speaker discussed efficiently extracting lithium and other metals through mining hot geothermal brines. Highlighting its cost-effectiveness, minimal environmental impact, and versatility, this method emerges as the least expensive, environmentally friendly, and diversified approach for recovering and refining valuable minerals.

Ms Lerato KOTELO, global application manager – Mining of STEINERT GmbH 

The speaker highlighted groundbreaking advancements in mineral processing. This is within the ESG framework, emphasizing innovations. It includes Autonomous Haulage Systems, human-free operation of drills, autonomous LHD loaders, tunneling equipment, self-charging electrified vehicles, in-pit crushing applications, sensor-based ore sorting, and the automatization of drilling and blasting activities. 

These technologies aim to enhance efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. So, it aligns with sustainable mining practices.

Sam HOUSTON, vice president major projects, Iron Ore Company of Canada Rio Tinto

The speaker discussed the transformative potential of major projects in the mining industry. He emphasized the intersection of technology, sustainability, and human capital. The speaker then gave strategies for aligning industry practices with evolving societal needs and reshaping investment approaches. 

Practical insights were shared on attracting technology partners and talent to embrace Mining 4.0. Additionally, growth areas within the sector were proposed to facilitate expansion, support new entrants, and contribute to global decarbonization goals. 

There were reserved sessions by Ramjack and Zitron while the 3rd Mining 4.0 Summit reflected one one-on-one meeting as well. There was also a round table discussion between four experts covering topics like ROI of technology adoption, synergizing digitalization across different mining processes, and also how building information modeling (BIM) can drive mining industry cost and efficiency gains.

Now, sponsors play a major role in these summits. Who were the sponsors of the 3rd Mining 4.0 Summit? Let’s find out ahead.

3rd Mining 4.0 Summit: Key sponsors

In this section, we will look at the various sponsors that graced the 3rd Mining 4.0 Summit along with a little insight about them:

Gold Sponsor: Innomotics

With over 150 years of engineering expertise, Innomotics stands as a trusted gold sponsor. It provides comprehensive solutions, systems, and services for the global mining sector. Their portfolio, integrating automation and drive systems, facilitates high-efficiency solutions across the entire mining value chain. Innomotics is also committed to supporting a sustainable mining industry. So, it redefines reliable motion for a better tomorrow.

Silver Sponsor: Shell Lubricants

As a silver sponsor, Shell Lubricants is a leading global supplier of lubricants. It caters to diverse industries. This includes mining, heavy-duty transport, and construction. Recognized for 16 consecutive years as the top global supplier of finished lubricants, Shell emphasizes innovation and environmental friendliness in delivering high-performance products and services.

Silver Sponsor: TotalEnergies

TotalEnergies, another silver sponsor, boasts a global presence with 42 production sites and over 5,800 employees. Renowned for innovative, high-performance lubricants, TotalEnergies is a key partner for automotive, industrial, and marine markets. The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in its products and services developed by a dedicated team of over 130 researchers.

Bronze Sponsor: Emerson

Emerson, a bronze sponsor, specializes in providing instrumentation, valves, control systems, software, and expertise. This is for designing and building top-tier metals and mining production facilities. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and sustainability, Emerson collaborates with mining industry players. This is to achieve net zero emissions, zero unplanned downtime, and also zero inefficiencies.

Bronze Sponsor: Andritz

A global leader in supplying plants, equipment, and services for various industries, Andritz serves as a bronze sponsor. The company, headquartered in Austria, operates in crucial sectors. It includes hydropower, pulp and paper, metalworking, and solid/liquid separation. Andritz’s Automation & Digitalization division also leads the way in digitalizing industrial facilities for autonomous operation.

Bronze Sponsor: ZITRÓN

ZITRÓN, a bronze sponsor, has been a pioneer in designing and supplying bespoke ventilation systems. This has been for underground environments since 1963. Acknowledged as an industry leader, ZITRÓN’s success is rooted in constant innovation. It is also rooted in design excellence and service quality. The company’s ventilation solutions are active in over 80 countries. It contributes to safer and also more efficient underground infrastructures.

Bronze Sponsor: Howden

Howden, part of Chart Industries, is a bronze sponsor. They have been a century-old supplier of ventilation fans and equipment to major mining companies. Their Total Mine Ventilation Solutions (TMVS) offer a fully integrated approach to mine ventilation. As a result, it reduces energy usage by 50% or more. Chart Industries, with a focus on clean power and energy transition, complements Howden’s offerings across various industries.

Bronze Sponsor: Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systèmes, a bronze sponsor, is a catalyst for human progress. It provides collaborative virtual environments. Their brand, GEOVIA, delivers end-to-end digital solutions. This is in natural resources, infrastructure, and urban planning. GEOVIA’s flagship solutions, Surpac, MineSched, and Whittle, enable informed decision-making. As a result, it balances economic, environmental, and social considerations.

Bronze Sponsor: Steinert GmbH

Steinert GmbH, a bronze sponsor, specializes in innovative solutions for the separation of valuable materials. This is in both resource recovery and mining sectors. With 133 years of experience, Steinert is a global leader in sensor sorting and magnetic separation technology. Moreover, it contributes to increased profitability and reduced operational costs for its customers.

Presenting Partner: Ramjack Technology Solutions

Ramjack Technology Solutions, the presenting partner, leverages extensive mining technology experience and partnerships with global manufacturers. They offer a suite of products and services. It is to address operational challenges. Moreover, they apply best-of-breed technologies for increased productivity and safety performance. It applies to both on the surface and underground.

Presenting Partner: TENDERD

TENDERD, the presenting partner, is a leading provider of analytics and AI solutions. This is for sustainable industry operations, including mining. With a platform integrating AI models and IoT sensors, TENDERD supports comprehensive asset management. It is geared towards sustainability, enhancing operational efficiency, cutting emissions, and also achieving cost reductions in heavy industry operations.

Wrapping up

The 3rd Mining 4.0 summit was a massive success with leading industry professionals gaining valuable insights and collaboration. The event was also a great networking opportunity to achieve strides in sustainability while maintaining profits. So, if you want to attend the upcoming Mining 4.0 events which go more in-depth about essential topics, visit right away!