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Recap And Insights From the 5th Mining 4.0: North America Summit

Recap And Insights From the 5th Mining 4.0 North America Summit

The 5th Mining 4.0: North America Summit was organized by Future Bridge in Toronto, Canada on April 10-11, 2024. The event attracted more than 100 attendees representing various mining industry segments. The Summit was vital for the industry’s key players to exchange views, learn about the latest trends, and consider existing opportunities and threats experienced by mining due to digital transformation. This article will provide details of the sessions as well as the event’s sponsors. So, let’s delve in.

5th Mining 4.0: North America Summit: Sessions Covered at the Event

The 5th Mining 4.0: North America Summit covered several sessions that helped the attendees transform their operations. So, let’s look at those sessions in depth:

Digital Transformation in Mining: Opportunities and Challenges

The session was taken by Ellie Brümmer. She is the General Manager of Technology for Vale Base Metals North Atlantic, UK, and Indonesia. The speaker presented a thought-provoking opening session on the mining industry’s journey towards digital transformation. She looked at the potential and difficulties that mining businesses have as they adopt new technology and work. This is to create a future that is more efficient, data-driven, and sustainable.

Operating Model for Integrated Operations

The session was taken by Alexander Chacón, the Superintendent of Technology & Innovation at Antamina. The speaker explored the idea of integrated operations. Furthermore, he talked about what integrated operations are and how to develop an integrated operations program. He also talked about how integrated operations and digital transformation are related.

Technology- and Data-driven Exploration

This vendor session covered a range of topics related to technology- and data-driven exploration. It included:

  • 3D modeling for resource assessment, 
  • Traceability, and reportability enhancements, 
  • Downhole geophysical data acquisition, 
  • Digitalization of feasibility, 
  • Computer vision techniques for drill core logging automation, 
  • Automated resource modeling based on geological data, 
  • And the use of geophysical, geochemical, and machine learning for rock hardness prediction.
Endeavour Mining’s Approach to Mine-to-Mill Performance Maximization

Maixent Assi, the Data Analytics Lead, and Elizabeth Renaud, the Chef Innovation 4.0 at Endeavour Mining, shared the company’s vision and approach to maximizing mine-to-mill performance. They highlighted Endeavour Mining’s journey, achievements, and portfolio of use cases. These were developed to enhance blending, fragmentation, and other critical aspects of their operations.

Integrated Operations and Change Management – Where People Process and Technology Collide

Gisela Gips, the General Manager of Integrated Planning at ArcelorMittal, led a session on the integration of people, processes, and technology in mining operations. She discussed the challenges of implementing an Integrated Operations program. She also spoke on the importance of managing change effectively.

Revolutionize Mining Infrastructure with Smart Solutions

This vendor session showcased innovative solutions for mining infrastructure. So, it went through topics like ventilation monitoring and control, power generation, and energy storage. It also saw topics like enhanced rail and port infrastructure, AI and ML for mine planning, site data visualization, and the simulation of data flows and scenarios using virtual test mines.

AngloGold Ashanti’s Case Study on IT & OT Integration

Jennifer Paradis, the VP of Operational Technology at AngloGold Ashanti, presented a case study on the integration of IT and OT within the company’s operations.

Optimizing Greenfield Mine Success through Next-Gen Autonomous Mining Technologies

Francis Letarte-Lavoie, the Operations Manager at IAMGOLD Corporation, shared Cote Gold’s journey from project to operation. Furthermore, the highlight was the use of autonomous haulage systems and infrastructure, autonomous drilling systems, and infrastructure. The speaker also covered the integration of process plant technology and mine-to-mill optimization.

Raglan Mine Connected Mine Project

Millan Herce, the Senior Mining Engineer at Raglan Mine, Glencore, provided an update on the Raglan Mine Connected Mine Project. He discussed the control room updates, the role of the supervisor, and new tools and dashboards. Additionally, the speaker covered the challenges of maintaining new technologies and transitioning responsibilities from the project to operations.

Challenges in the Implementation and Functioning of Remote Operating Centers (ROC)

This session explored the challenges associated with the implementation and functioning of Remote Operating Centers. It included visual remote intervention, robot-assisted patrol inspection, and inertial navigation technology. It also included cybersecurity concerns, data protection, and the optimization of mining asset utilization.

Enhancing Connectivity in Mining Operations

This vendor session focused on the importance of private cellular technology in mine transformation. It advocated for limitless connectivity to support mine safety, sustainability, and productivity goals, and creating compliant connectivity infrastructure.

AICenter and Democratization at Vale S/A

The artificial intelligence program leader at Vale, Douglas Pimenta, discussed the company’s adoption strategy. He also discussed the difficulties encountered and the use cases created to harness the potential of AI and advanced analytics. This is to boost sustainability, productivity, and also safety.

Importance of Physical Security Standardization and Automation in the Mining Industry

Casper Eloff, the Head of Corporate Security at The Mosaic Company, and Morné du Preez, the Sr. Director of Global Security at Nutrien highlighted the importance of physical security standardization and automation in the mining industry. They discussed the challenges and opportunities in implementing robust security measures and leveraging technologies. Furthermore, it included visual remote intervention and robot-assisted patrol inspection, and addressing cybersecurity concerns.

Innovative Safety and Security Solutions for Mining

A wide range of cutting-edge technologies for mining safety and security were on display at this vendor session. It included cybersecurity solutions, drone use in hazardous environments, and VR-based safety training. Additionally, it also covered IoT and AI for real-time incident detection, safety monitoring systems, and real-time blasting simulation and digging optimization.

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics Strategy to Improve Productivity, Safety and Sustainability

Rafael Estrada, Antamina’s Manager of Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Process Control, gave a presentation on the company’s use of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. This is to improve operations’ sustainability, safety, and also efficiency.

Exploring the Power of Technology-Driven Sustainability

The potential of cutting-edge technologies to promote sustainability in mining was demonstrated during this vendor session. These technologies included smart water and waste management, carbon tracking, and metrics. It also included simplified ESG reporting, advanced analytics for reducing carbon emissions, fuel efficiency through big data and artificial intelligence, and creative ore and waste control strategies.

Holistic Approach to Mine Digitalization

A panel discussion on the comprehensive approach to mine digitization was facilitated by Arcelor Mittal’s General Manager of Integrated Planning, Gisela Gips. The panel discussed developing future-proof infrastructure and gaining long-term funding for technological initiatives. Furthermore, they discussed integrating new technologies into existing systems.

Reserved Session – Nerospec (Bronze Sponsor)

Harald Bornebroek, the Business Development Manager and Mining Engineer at Nerospec presented a reserved session for the Bronze Sponsor.

Innovative Pit-to-Port Solutions

This vendor session at the 5th Mining 4.0: North America Summit showcased a range of innovative pit-to-port solutions. It included autonomous and connected mobile machinery, remote monitoring, and control solutions to enhance efficiency. It also included:

  • In-pit crushing to optimize material handling and processing, 
  • Drilling fluid automation systems, sensor-based ore sorting, 
  • And enhancements to rail and port infrastructure.

Who Were The Sponsors At The Event?

The 5th Mining 4.0: North America Summit by Future Bridge was supported by a strong lineup of sponsors. Let’s look at them:

SIEMENS Innomotics – Silver Sponsor

The business was supporting the 5th Mining 4.0: North America Summit as a silver sponsor. Siemens Innomotics is a major participant in the digitization, sustainability, and industrial electrification sectors worldwide. As a leader in the sector, Innomotics concentrates on offering top-notch motors and drives. This is in addition to leading services and digitalization solutions. It guarantees the dependability, productivity, and also availability of its clients’ assets.

Nerospec SK – Bronze Sponsor

The event featured Nerospec SK as the Bronze Sponsor. Nerospec SK is a joint venture between Schmidt Kranz, a German holding firm that runs several businesses in the worldwide mining industry, and the Nerospec Group. It is a South African mining electronics and software company. Moreover, the organization makes use of cutting-edge technology. So, it improves mining operations’ productivity, safety, and efficiency.

SimWell Consulting and Technologies – Exhibition Partner

SimWell Consulting and Technologies was the Exhibition Partner for the event. It is a global company specializing in simulation, optimization, and digital twin technology. Moreover, it empowers mining leaders and operators to maximize their resources, optimize their operations, and elevate their performance.

To Sum Up

The mining industry’s dedication to embracing digital transformation was exemplified during the 5th Mining 4.0: North America Summit. Industry leaders were able to exchange experiences, best practices, and creative solutions at the event. It also gave delegates the information and understanding they needed to successfully negotiate the challenges of the mining 4.0 age. So, for unmatched insights, be sure to attend the upcoming events!