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The upcoming 3rd Energy Transition Conference in Stockholm, Sweden


Future Bridge is proud to announce its third iteration of the summit for the Energy Transition and Emission Reduction for the Metals and Mining Industry. The event is designed to bring together key decision-makers and industry experts to scale up sustainability, decarbonize existing operations and keep the industry growing. Mining and metals will be vital to the world’s electrification efforts, so leaders need to ensure the future growth of the industry.

Why should companies attend?

The mining and metals industry is in a curious position. On the one hand, they are a vital part of electrification. At a glance, the World Bank predicts a nearly 500% increase in demand for lithium, graphite, and cobalt as batteries and charging stations are being produced in increasingly large numbers. The upscaling of electric vehicles in the UK alone requires approximately 200’000 tones of cobalt and 260’000 tonnes of lithium carbonate. Electric vehicles and hydrogen power plants will not be the only things competing for these metals and minerals, most major electronics producers will still be maintaining production. So it is vital for the industry to scale up its extraction of these resources so the world can switch to green energy in a timely manner.

Simultaneously, the mining and metals industry is coming under increasing pressure to decarbonize, as it is responsible for a large portion of carbon emissions worldwide. The industry still consumes roughly 900,000 liters of diesel a year, for example. Mining leaves a lasting impact on the communities near sites and the environments it touches. Public opinion and regulatory pressure will only continue to mount. As a result, mining companies need to develop effective strategies to limit emissions and maintain and even scale up production. The world needs the metals and minerals that only mining can provide. 

The 3rd Energy Transition Conference aims to help companies do just that, by showcasing the latest research and developments and bringing together experts and decision-makers. Topics like ESG in mining, how to achieve green iron-ore, and strategic planning for decarbonization, among others, will all be covered. Attendees will also be given ample opportunities to network and build connections with potential clients, peers, and partners.

A mine tour of the GRANGEX Dannemora mine in Östhammar

A highlight of the event will be the opportunity to visit the GRANGEX Dannemora mine in Östhammar for a half-day tour. This mine boasts the smallest carbon footprint in Europe, and attendees will have the chance to learn more about how it was designed and how it operates. The mine boasts a top-to-bottom commitment to being carbon neutral, as all inputs from hydraulic oils to lubrication are fossil-fuel-free. 

This is a great opportunity for a practical, real-world exploration of what truly low-carbon mining can look like. See what decarbonization looks like in practice. Limited spots are available.

What should companies do?

Industry leaders need to approach the coming decades with a clear, data-driven strategy. Mining companies have the opportunity to reap the benefits of electrification, but only if they can decarbonize themselves. Regulatory pressure is not going to cease and decision-makers need to develop an effective roadmap for the energy transition. A good way to avoid pitfalls and learn best practices is through cooperation with peers and learning from experts. Conferences are a low-cost alternative to trial and error and let leaders understand the possibilities and risks of the future. If you are already attending, check out our article on how to get the most from a conference. And if you are interested in sponsoring, get in touch with us or read this piece here

And if you are interested, consider joining the 3rd Energy Transition and Emission Reduction for the Metals and Mining Industry, from May 31st to June 2nd to learn more. Visit or and follow us on our social media to keep track of other events about sustainability in the mining and metals industry.